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Highly scalable non-volatile and ultra-lowpower phase-change nanowire memory

Lee, Se-Ho and Jung, Yeonwoong and Agarwal, Ritesh (2007) Highly scalable non-volatile and ultra-lowpower phase-change nanowire memory. NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY, 2 (10). pp. 626-630.

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The search for a universal memory storage device that combines rapid read and write speeds, high storage density and non-volatility is driving the exploration of new materials in nanostructured form(1-7). Phase-change materials, which can be reversibly switched between amorphous and crystalline states, are promising in this respect, but top-down processing of these materials into nanostructures often damages their useful properties(4,5). Self-assembled nanowire-based phase-change material memory devices offer an attractive solution owing to their sub-lithographic sizes and unique geometry, coupled with the facile etch-free processes with which they can be fabricated. Here, we explore the effects of nanoscaling on the memorystorage capability of self-assembled Ge2Sb2Te5 nanowires, an important phase-change material. Our measurements of writecurrent amplitude, switching speed, endurance and data retention time in these devices show that such nanowires are promising building blocks for non-volatile scalable memory and may represent the ultimate size limit in exploring current-induced phase transition in nanoscale systems.

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