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Rational synthesis of p-type zinc oxide nanowire arrays using simple chemical vapor deposition

Xiang, Bin and Wang, Pengwei and Zhang, Xingzheng and Dayeh, Shadi A. and Aplin, David P. R. and Soci, Cesare and Yu, Dapeng and Wang, Deli (2007) Rational synthesis of p-type zinc oxide nanowire arrays using simple chemical vapor deposition. NANO LETTERS, 7 (2). pp. 323-328.

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We report, for the first time, the synthesis of the high-quality p-type ZnO NWs using a simple chemical vapor deposition method, where phosphorus pentoxide has been used as the dopant source. Single-crystal phosphorus doped ZnO NWs have their growth axis along the < 001 > direction and form perfect vertical arrays on a-sapphire. P-type doping was confirmed by photoluminescence measurements at various temperatures and by studying the electrical transport in single NWs field-effect transistors. Comparisons of the low-temperature PL of unintentionally doped ZnO (n-type), as-grown phosphorus-doped ZnO, and annealed phosphorus-doped ZnO NWs show clear differences related to the presence of intragap donor and acceptor states. The electrical transport measurements of phosphorus-doped NW FETs indicate a transition from n-type to p-type conduction upon annealing at high temperature, in good agreement with the PL results. The synthesis of p-type ZnO NWs enables novel complementary ZnO NW devices and opens up enormous opportunities for nanoscale electronics, optoelectronics, and medicines.

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