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Integrated thin-film polymer/fullerene photodetectors for on-chip microfluidic chemiluminescence detection

Wang, Xuhua and Hofmann, Oliver and Das, Rupa and Barrett, Edward M. and deMello, Andrew J, and deMello, John C. and Bradley, Donald C. (2007) Integrated thin-film polymer/fullerene photodetectors for on-chip microfluidic chemiluminescence detection. LAB ON A CHIP, 7 (1). pp. 58-63. ISSN 1473-0197 (Print); 1473-0189 (Electronic)

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We report the use of solution-processed thin-film organic photodiodes for microscale chemiluminescence. The active layer of the photodiodes comprised a 1 : 1 blend by weight of the conjugated polymer poly(3-hexylthiophene) [P3HT] and [6,6]-phenyl-C-61-butyric acid-methylester [PCBM]-a soluble derivative of C-60. The devices had an active area of 1 mm x 1 mm, and a broad-band response from 350 to 700 nm, with an external quantum efficiency of more than 50% between 450 and 550 nm. The photodiodes have a simple layered structure that permits facile integration with planar chip-based systems. To evaluate the suitability of the organic devices as integrated detectors for microscale chemiluminescence, a peroxyoxalate based chemiluminescence reaction (PO-CL) was monitored within a poly(dimethyl-siloxane) (PDMS) microfluidic device. Quantitation of hydrogen peroxide indicated excellent linearity and yielded a detection limit of 10 mu M, comparable with previously reported results using micromachined silicon microfluidic chips with integrated silicon photodiodes. The combination of organic photodiodes with PDMS microfluidic chips offers a means of creating compact, sensitive and potentially low-cost microscale CL devices with wide-ranging applications in chemical and biological analysis and clinical diagnostics.

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