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Synthesis for metallic nanoparticles on carbon matrix

Smovzh, V.A. and Nerushev , S.A. and Mal'cev, O.A. and Novopashin, S.Z. and Sakhapov, D.V. (2007) Synthesis for metallic nanoparticles on carbon matrix. Nanotechnologies in Russia, Volume 2 (5-6). pp. 85-89.

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New technology of metal nanoparticle synthesis is suggested. Anode dispersion of composed, metal-graphite electrode in low pressure arc discharge has been used. Both metal particles and carbon matrix are synthesized simultaneously. Carbon matrix served for the prevention of metal particles coagulation. Nanoparticles of Pd, Pt and Ni have been synthesized at helium pressure of 5-50 Torr. Size distribution functions have been measured. Background pressure dependencies of mean size, and fraction of incapsulated particles have been obtained.

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Material Science > Nanofabrication processes and tools
Physical Science > Nano objects
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