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Cucurbiturils and metal complexes – self-organizing supramolecular assemblies

Fedin, O. A. and Gers'ko, V. P. (2007) Cucurbiturils and metal complexes – self-organizing supramolecular assemblies. Nanotechnologies in Russia, Volume 2 (5-6). pp. 61-72.

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The unique combination of a rigid hydrophobic internal cavity and hydrophilic carbonyl portals of organic macrocyclic cavitands cucurbiturils causes multifarious ways of interaction with metal complexes, which results in large nanosized supramolecular assemblies. Systematic research of a structural variety of isolated supramolecular architectures leads to determine factors controlling self-organization processes. That affords an opportunity to predict the results of supramolecular self-assembling based on cucurbiturils and complexes and to control the structure formation in order to obtain successfully new nanomaterials.

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