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Characteristics of multiple-pass hetero-structured semi-conductor laser

Skiper, U. A. and Bekirev, V. L. and Krukov, B. G. and Potapov, L. P. and Sidorova, A. V. (2007) Characteristics of multiple-pass hetero-structured semi-conductor laser. Nanotechnologies in Russia, Volume 2 (7-8). pp. 128-133.

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It is investigated the influence of the phenomenon of photon recycling in active area for improving the semi-conductor laser on the base of the multiple-pass heterostructure. The influence of nanolayer – the quantum well, which have been built in the center of active area (recycling area), on the further improvement of the laser characteristics is shown. The expressions of the laser parameters in view of photon recycling are received and graphs are represented for dependences of an output power, of an external quantum output, of a slope of Watt-Ampere curve, of a spontaneous recombination speed and for some other parameters, versus a current, versus recycling factor of spontaneous radiation in active area and versus character of current pumping of this area. The widening of channel of laser generation with current rise is taken into account. In this case it is possible to explain the experimental fact, when differential quantum output exceeds a unity. Heterostructures with quantum wells were grown by a method of gas epitaxy (MOCVD). Experimental researches of laser parameters on the base of such GaAlAs-p-n-heterostructures with the quantum well thickness of 50 and 70 A show qualitative agreement with calculations. Differential quantum outputs more a unity and external quantum efficiency up to 45 % are received at 300 Ê and up to 89-91 % at 77 Ê. Such external quantum efficiency argues the almost full transformation of electric energy into the laser radiation.

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