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Polymers adsorption and adhesion to YSZ nanoparticles surface in liquid phase and composite film

Puzyrev , I. S. and Yatluk, Yu. G. and Safronov, A. P. and Kalinina, E. G. and Terziyan, T. V. and Galyautdinova, A. S. (2007) Polymers adsorption and adhesion to YSZ nanoparticles surface in liquid phase and composite film. Nanotechnologies in Russia, Volume 2 (9-10). pp. 81-89.

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Adsorption of polymeric modifiers poly(acrylic acid) PAAc, copoly(95 % butylacrylate and 5 % methacrylic acid) BMAc-5, poly(vinylbutyral) PVB, and poly(vinyl acetate) PVAc at the interface of spherical nanoparticles of ZrO2 stabilized by Y2O3 (YSZ) 11 nm in diameter from alcohol dispersions as well as adhesion of these polymers to the surface of nanoparticles in composite film was studied by means of refractometry and isothermal calorimetry. The sorption isotherms in liquid phase are stepwise shaped that reflect conformational transitions of macromolecules during adsorption. The isotherms are fitted by the linear combination of Langmuir and Langmuir-Freindlikh equations. The sorption isotherm for PAAc is anomalous as it first increases and then decreases with the concentration of polymer in dispersion. Total sorption capacity of YSZ interface for polymers increases in the following way: PAAc < PVAc ? BMAc-5 < PVB. The enthalpy of formation of polymer/YSZ nanoparticles composites and the adhesion isotherms in composite films were determined by means of thermochemical cycle that includes dissolution of polymers and prepared composite films as well as wetting of YSZ nanopowder in the same probe liquid. The values of the enthalpy of polymer adhesion to nanoparticles in the saturated layer, the thickness of this layer, and the constant of adsorption were evaluated. The adhesion of polymers to YSZ nanoparticles in composite film increases in the following way: PVB < BMAc-5 < PVAc ? PAAc. This result is opposite to that for total sorption capacity of YSZ interface for polymers in liquid dispersions.

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