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Fabrication of coatings by the charged aerosol deposition method

Zyryanov, V. V. and Sadykov, V. A. and Zyryanov, D. V. (2008) Fabrication of coatings by the charged aerosol deposition method. Nanotechnologies in Russia, Volume 3 (5-6). pp. 311-320.

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A novel low-cost, effective, and environmentally friendly method is proposed for depositing porous or dense coatings from a charged aerosol (a gas-dust plasma) onto different planar substrates. The generation of dense aerosols from charged aggregates consisting of nanoparticles and their deposition are performed using devices of the electromassclassifier type. Dense nanocoatings are most efficiently produced through mechanically assisted charged aerosol deposition from powders prepared with the use of the mechanochemical method. Modifications of the new method hold considerable promise for the fabrication of multilayer membranes intended for use in the design of solid-oxide fuel cells and catalytic membrane reactors. The relative density of thin coatings fabricated from dry nanopowders at room temperature can be as high as ?70%.

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