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Spontaneous and induced emission in dielectric nanoparticles

Basiev, T. T. and Pukhov, K. K. and Orlovskii, Yu. V. (2008) Spontaneous and induced emission in dielectric nanoparticles. Nanotechnologies in Russia, Volume 3 (9-10). pp. 551-559.

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An analytical expression is proposed for the rate of radiative decay of excitations of optical centers in an ellipsoidal nanoparticle that is considerably smaller than the light wavelength (a, b, c ? ?) and is embedded in the surrounding medium. This expression is compared with the corresponding expression for a bulk crystal. The time of radiative decay in nanoparticles spherical in shape and identical in size (2R ? ?) is derived as a function of the dielectric characteristics of a nanocomposite and the nanoparticle volume fraction C in suspensions and aerosols. The expressions describing the emission and absorption cross sections in spherical nanoparticles are obtained. The experimentally measured and theoretically calculated decay times of metastable levels of rare-earth impurity ions in YAG and Y2O3 crystalline nanoparticles are compared with those for bulk crystals with the same structure.

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Subjects:Physical Science > Quantum phenomena
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