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Effect of internal stress on the surface morphology of hard nanoscale carbon coatings

Kolpakov, A. Ya. and Galkina, M. E. and Goncharov, I. Yu. and Sudzhanskaya, I. V. and Poplavskii , A. I. (2008) Effect of internal stress on the surface morphology of hard nanoscale carbon coatings. Nanotechnologies in Russia, Volume 3 (9-10). pp. 581-586.

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The influence of ion energy on the magnitude of internal stress, electric conductivity, and surface morphology of nitrogenated carbon coatings on silicon produced by the pulsed vacuum-arc technique has been studied by scanning electron microscopy and scanning probe microscopy. It has been found that an increase in the ion energy with variation in applied acceleration voltage substantially increases the internal compression stress in the forming coating. The ion irradiation results (1) in a considerable inhomogeneity of the internal stress distribution over the coating and (2) in the formation of 15-to 50-nm-high nanoscale islands. Inhomogeneity of the coating conductivity with a minimum on the peaks of the islands has been observed, which indicates the prevalence of tetrahedral bonds between carbon atoms in these regions with sp3 hybridization of atomic electron orbitals (sp3 phases). An explanation of the results has been proposed based on the existing model of the formation of internal stress in coatings prepared under ion irradiation.

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