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Capacitors for Ultra-Dense Surface Mount.

V., Andreeva A.V.Aristov V.V. Despotuli A.L. Maltsev P.P. Vedeneev V. (2006) Capacitors for Ultra-Dense Surface Mount. Journal of NANO and MICROSYSTEM TECHNIQUE, 3 (3). pp. 30-37.

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On the basis of the analysis of development tendencies of integrated electronics, nano(micro)system engineering and techniques of ultra-dense surface mount, the challenge of creation of low-voltage (~0,5 V) microcapacitors (the 01005 case with sizes 0,4 mmx 0,2 mmx0,2 mm) with capacity density higher 10 µF mm-3 for mid-frequencies (105—106 Hz) applications is revealed. The experimental data on the developed innovative nanoionic supercapacitors (NSCs) with special design of the functional advanced superionic conductor (ASlC)/electronic conductor heterojunctions are presented. A further progress in the NSC development will allow create the capacitor storage devices with required high frequency — capacity and energy-power characteristics.

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