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Structure and Electrical-Physical Properties of Nanocomposite SnOx:MnOy

T.V., Dyrda N.N.Komarova A.S. Rembeza E.S. Rembeza S.I. Svistova (2006) Structure and Electrical-Physical Properties of Nanocomposite SnOx:MnOy. Journal of NANO and MICROSYSTEM TECHNIQUE, 4 (4). pp. 27-29.

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Nanocomposites SnOx:MnOy were prepared by reactive ion-beam sputtering of metal tin target with manganese insertions in the ambient of Ar + O2. Element composition of the films was deter¬mined with the help of X-ray microanalyzer JXA-840, morphology of film’s surface was studied by atomic force microscope Femtoscan-001. Electrical-physical properties of the films were controlled with the help of Hall effect according to Van-der-Pauw method. It was found that the change of impurity concentration from 0,4 up to 5 % at. leads to the decrease of average grain size of polycrystals in the film. Possible mechanisms of electrical conductivity in film nanocomposites SnOx:MnOy were evaluated.

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