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Thermal Microsensors: Classification. Basic Types.

Kozlov, A.G. (2006) Thermal Microsensors: Classification. Basic Types. Journal of NANO and MICROSYSTEM TECHNIQUE, 4 (4). pp. 2-13.

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The classification of thermal microsensors is considered. The role of thermal processes in operating thermal microsensors is used as the basis for the presented classification. Based on the role of these processes all thermal microsensors are divided into the following groups: direct conversion microsensors; microsensors using a intermediate thermal conversion; microsensors with controlled heat flows; micro-sensors using temperature actuation and control; combined micro-sensors. For each group of thermal microsensors the generalized functional scheme is created with using the distributed system approach. These functional schemes allow one to mark out the basic functional elements of thermal microsensors and the couplings between the elements and to determine the features of each group of thermal microsensors.

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