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Plasmonically enhanced emission from a group-III nitride nanowire emitter

Mastro, Michael A. and Freitas Jr, Jaime A. and Glembocki, Orest and Eddy Jr, Charles R. and Holm, R. T. and Henry, Rich L. and Caldwell, Josh and Rendell, Ronald W. and Kub, Fritz and Kim, J (2007) Plasmonically enhanced emission from a group-III nitride nanowire emitter. Nanotechnology, 18 (26). pp. 265401-265405. ISSN 09574484

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The plasmonic response from a nanotextured silver coating was utilized to enhance the transfer of ultraviolet light generated in a group-III nitride nanowire emitter. A two-step approach was developed in a metal–organic chemical vapour deposition system to grow nanowires initially vertically by the vapour–liquid–solid mechanism and, subsequently, laterally by increasing the growth temperature and the group-V/III reactant ratio. This controllably produced a 20 nm GaN:Si core with a 200 nm outer-diameter AlGaN:Mg sheath structure. Solvothermal chemistry based on an ethylene glycol solvent was employed to deposit a silver coating that approximated a dense packing of metallic nanospheres. Nanoscale emission and plasmonically enhanced transfer of this energy were simulated to aid the development and understanding of this system.

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