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Barranon, Armando (2009) Research in Nanotechnology Developments. Nova Science, New York. ISBN 978-1-60741-028-7 (In Press)

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Nanotechnology is considered an unlimited discipline inasmuch as it is considered as a mother technology by means of a reductionist approach. Nanotechnology is regarded as a fundamental technology that could ground all the technologies in a similar fashion to the unified theory of physics. Nevertheless, nanotechnology definition, in terms of the system size, which should be less than 1000 nanometers, is not related to the properties of objects or application areas. This confers Nanotechnology with a semantic vagueness that has been profited by several research groups to obtain financial funds inasmuch as nanocosmos has turned out to be a new frontier for scientific research. It is not about building a new world “atom by atom” but of miniaturizing the mesocosmic world to a nanometric scale. Having this in mind, it is necessary to integrate physics, chemistry and molecular biology, notwithstanding are open fields which avoids attaining the goal of a unified theory. Hence, Nanotechnology is heavily grounded in frontier sciences and uses instruments developed for natural sciences investigations. Nanotechnology has continuously evolved sharing with past technologies the same approaches to science policy, therefore, it is problematic to consider nanotechnology as a radical change in the development of technology.

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