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Optical frequency magnetic activity in metal nanocluster photonic crystal

Park, Wounjhang and Wu, Qi (2008) Optical frequency magnetic activity in metal nanocluster photonic crystal. JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL AND THEORETICAL NANOSCIENCE, 5 (4). pp. 476-482.

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A new metamaterial architecture based on a periodic array of metal nanowire clusters is presented. For transverse-electric polarization, the metal nanowire supports an electric-dipole-like Mie resonance. When the nanowires are arranged into a dense array with sufficiently small spacing, the array exhibits a resonant behavior in effective permittivity. Furthermore, when the nanowires are arranged into a finite size cluster, they can support a magnetic-dipole-like Mie resonance in which magnetic field is strongly localized inside the nanocluster. Array of such nanoclusters with sufficiently small spacing can then exhibit a resonant behavior in effective permeability. When the magnetic resonance is strong enough, permeability can become negative. The metal nanocluster photonic crystal can show stronger magnetic activity at optical frequencies than ferroelectric or polaritonic photonic crystals. The resonance is also tunable by adjusting the filling fraction of the metal in the nanocluster. The availability of extensive synthesis and fabrication techniques for metal nanostructures makes the metal nanocluster photonic crystal a promising metamaterial platform for optical frequency operation.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:metamaterial; effective permeability; metal nanocluster; Mie resonance; photonic crystal
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Material Science > Nanostructured materials
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