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Two-dimensional array self-assembled quantum dot sub-diffraction waveguides with low loss and low crosstalk

Wang, Chia-Jean and Parviz, Babak A. and Lin, Lih Y. (2008) Two-dimensional array self-assembled quantum dot sub-diffraction waveguides with low loss and low crosstalk. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 19 (29).

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We model and demonstrate the behavior of two-dimensional (2D) self-assembled quantum dot (QD) sub-diffraction waveguides. By pumping the gain-enabled semiconductor nanoparticles and introducing a signal light, energy coupling of stimulated photons from the QDs enables light transmission along the waveguide. Monte Carlo simulation with randomized inter-dot separation reveals that the optical gain necessary for unity transfer is 3.1 x 10(7) m(-1) for a 2D (2 mu m length by 500 nm width) array compared to 11.6 x 10(7) m(-1) for a 1D (2 mu m length) given 8 nm diameter quantum dots. The theoretical results are borne out in experiments on 2D arrays by measurement of negligible crosstalk component with as little as 200 nm waveguide separation and is indicative of near-field optical coupling behavior. The transmission loss for 500 nm wide structures is determined to be close to 3 dB/4 mu m, whereas that for 100 nm width is 3 dB/2.3 mu m. Accordingly, higher pump power and gain would be necessary on the narrower device to create similar throughput. Considering existing nanoscale propagation methods, which commonly use negative dielectric materials, our waveguide shows an improved loss characteristic with comparable or smaller dimensions. Thus, the application of QDs to nanophotonic waveguiding represents a promising path towards ultra-high density photonic integrated circuits.

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