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Detection of TNT using a sensitive two-photon organic dendrimer for remote sensing

Narayanan, Aditya and Varnavski, Oleg and Mongin, Oliver and Majoral, Jean-Pierre and Blanchard-Desce, Mireille and Goodson, Theodore (2008) Detection of TNT using a sensitive two-photon organic dendrimer for remote sensing. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 19 (11).

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There is currently a need for superior stand-off detection schemes for protection against explosive weapons of mass destruction. Fluorescence detection at small distances from the target has proven to be attractive. A novel unexplored route in fluorescence chemical sensing that utilizes the exceptional spectroscopic capabilities of nonlinear optical methods is two-photon excited fluorescence. This approach utilizes infra-red light for excitation of remote sensors. Infra-red light suffers less scattering in porous materials which is beneficial for vapor sensing and has greater depth of penetration through the atmosphere, and there are fewer concerns regarding eye safety in remote detection schemes. We demonstrate this method using a novel dendritic system which possesses both excellent fluorescence sensitivity to the presence of TNT with infra-red pulses of light and high two-photon absorption (TPA) response. This illustrates the use of TPA for potential stand-off detection of energetic materials in the infra-red spectral regions in a highly two-photon responsive dendrimer.

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