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Quantum dot-doped silica nanoparticles as probes for targeting of T-lymphocytes

Bottini, Massimo and D'Annibale, Federica and Magrini, Andrea and Cerignoli, Fabio and Arimura, Yutaka and Dawson, Marcia I. and Bergamaschi, Enrico and Rosato, Nicola and Bergamaschi, Antonio and Mustelin, Tomas (2007) Quantum dot-doped silica nanoparticles as probes for targeting of T-lymphocytes. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOMEDICINE, 2 (2). pp. 227-233.

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To enhance diagnostic or therapeutic efficacy, novel nanomaterials must be engineered to function in biologically relevant environments, be visible by conventional fluorescent microscopy, and have multivalent loading capacity for easy detection or effective drug delivery. Here we report the fabrication of silica nanoparticles doped with quantum dots and superficially functionalized with amino and phosphonate groups. The amino groups were acylated with a water-soluble biotin-labeling reagent. The biotinylated nanoparticles were subsequently decorated with neutravidin by exploiting the strong affinity between neutravidin and biotin. The resultant neutravidin-decorated fluorescent silica nanoparticles stably dispersed under physiological conditions, were visible by conventional optical and confocal fluorescent microscopy, and could be further functionalized with macromolecules, nucleic acids, and polymers. We also coated the surface of the nanoparticles with biotinylated mouse anti-human CD3 (alpha CD3). The resultant fluorescent nanoassembly was taken up by Jurkat T cells through receptor-mediated endocytosis and was partially released to lysosomes. Thus, quantum dot-doped silica nanoparticles decorated with neutravidin represent a potentially excellent scaffold for constructing specific intracellular nanoprobes and transporters.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:silica nanoparticles; neutravidin; surface functionalization; endocytosis; intracellular nanoprobe
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