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Reinforcing polymer composites with epoxide-grafted carbon nanotubes

Wang, Shiren and Liang, Richard and Wang, Ben and Zhang, Chuck (2008) Reinforcing polymer composites with epoxide-grafted carbon nanotubes. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 19 (8).

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An in situ functionalization method was used to graft epoxide onto single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) and improve the integration of SWNTs into epoxy polymer. The characterization results of Raman, FT-IR and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) validated the successful functionalization with epoxide. These functionalized SWNTs were used to fabricate nanocomposites, resulting in uniform dispersion and strong interfacial bonding. The mechanical test demonstrated that, with only 1 wt% loading of functionalized SWNTs, the tensile strength of nanocomposites was improved by 40%, and Young's modulus by 60%. These results suggested that efficient load transfer has been achieved through epoxide-grafting. This investigation provided an efficient way to improve the interfacial bonding of multifunctional high-performance nanocomposites for lightweight structure material applications.

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Material Science > Functional and hybrid materials
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