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Novel fabrication of an SnO2 nanowire gas sensor with high sensitivity

Choi, Young-Jin and Hwang, In-Sung and Park, Jae-Gwan and Choi, Kyoung Jin and Park, Jae-Hwan and Lee, Jong-Heun (2008) Novel fabrication of an SnO2 nanowire gas sensor with high sensitivity. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 19 (9).

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We fabricated a nanowire-based gas sensor using a simple method of growing SnO2 nanowires bridging the gap between two pre-patterned Au catalysts, in which the electrical contacts to the nanowires are self-assembled during the synthesis of the nanowires. The gas sensing capability of this network-structured gas sensor was demonstrated using a diluted NO2. The sensitivity, as a function of temperature, was highest at 200 degrees C and was determined to be 18 and 180 when the NO2 concentration was 0.5 and 5 ppm, respectively. Our sensor showed higher sensitivity compared to different types of sensors including SnO2 powder-based thin films, SnO2 coating on carbon nanotubes or single/multiple SnO2 nanobelts. The enhanced sensitivity was attributed to the additional modulation of the sensor resistance due to the potential barrier at nanowire/nanowire junctions as well as the surface depletion region of each nanowire.

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