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Characterization of an electrospinning process using different PAN/DMF concentrations

Gomes, Demetrius S. and da Silva, Ana N. R. and Morimoto, Nilton I. and Mendes, Luiz T. F. and Furlan, Rogerio and Ramos, Idalia (2007) Characterization of an electrospinning process using different PAN/DMF concentrations. POLIMEROS-CIENCIA E TECNOLOGIA, 17 (3). pp. 206-211.

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We performed an extensive characterization of an electrospinning process to evaluate how the process parameters and precursor solution characteristics affect the fibers morphology. The work was conducted using precursor solutions with different concentrations of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) diluted in a fixed amount of N,N dimethylformamide (DMF). Fibers obtained with this process can find important applications in the field of nanosensors. The characteristics of the electrospun fibers were analyzed as a function of the solution viscosity, applied voltage and distance between the needle tip (positive electrode) and the collector plate (grounded electrode). The electrical current was monitored during the deposition process and its behavior was correlated with the characteristics of the fibers obtained. Our results demonstrate that the diameter of the fibers increases with increasing viscosity and applied voltage. The number of deposited fibers also increases with the applied voltage. Also, viscosity and applied voltage strongly affect the shape, length and morphology of the fibers. Of particular interest, we demonstrated that by monitoring the electrical current it is possible to control the fibers morphology and bead concentration. The distance between tip and collector plate determines the way the fibers arrive on the collector plate. A main contribution of this study was the definition of conditions to controllably obtain fibers that are smooth and that present diameters in the range between 140 and 300 nm.

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