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H(2) sensing performance of optical fiber coated with nano-platelet WO(3) film

Ou, J. Z. and Yaacob, M. H. (2012) H(2) sensing performance of optical fiber coated with nano-platelet WO(3) film. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL .

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For the first time, we have integrated nano-platelet Pd/WO(3) films, which are formed using an acid etching method, with optical fibers to develop a hydrogen gas (H(2)) sensors. The tungsten films were firstly RF sputtered on top of optical fiber tips, and subsequently etched in 1.5 M nitric acid to produce tungstite films. After annealing at 300 and 480 degrees C, these films were coated with approximately 25 angstrom thick Pd layers. The films were characterized using SEM, GADDS, EDX, and both Raman and UV-vis-NIR spectroscopy. H(2) testing measurements were conducted when the sensors were interacting with 0.06-1% H(2) in synthetic air at an optimum temperature of 100 degrees C. It was found that the highly crystalline nano-platelet Pd/WO(3) film based optical fiber H(2) sensors show large reflectance responses in the NIR wavelength of 6% and 12% in the presence of 0.06% and 1% H(2), respectively. (C) 2012 Published by Elsevier B.V.

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