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Preparation of fast-drying waterborne nano-complex traffic-marking paint

Sun, Daoxing and Zhang, Yiheng (2012) Preparation of fast-drying waterborne nano-complex traffic-marking paint. Springerlink , 9 (2). pp. 151-156. ISSN 1547-0091

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The main aim of this research is to prepare environmentally friendly waterborne traffic-marking paint, which has fast dry, wear resistance, and long-term durability. The crosslinkable monomers are selected to co-polymerize with acrylate, then a core/shell latex with hard core and soft shell is obtained. The functional latex is blended with nano-silica, polyfunctional amine, functional pigments, and filler to obtain an excellent environmentally friendly traffic-marking paint. And, the latex polymer is further modified with multifunctional enamine silane coupling agent to enhance the wear, water resistance, and dry speed of the traffic paint. The reactive hydroxyl groups on the surface of nano-silica can react and crosslink with hydroxyl, nitrogen atoms, or carboxyl groups of binder, which can form a dense crosslinking network, enhance the crosslinking density, and bond strength. The above results can meet the special needs of the traffic-marking paint.

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