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Observation of new quantum interference effect in solids

Tavkhelidze, A. and Bibilashvili, A. and Jangidze, L. and Shimkunas, A. and Mauger, Ph. and Rempfer, G. and Almaraz, L. and Dixon, T. and Kordesch, M. and Katan, N. and Walitzki, H. (2010) Observation of new quantum interference effect in solids. Nano Studies, 1 . pp. 155-160. ISSN 1987-8826

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In order to achieve quantum interference of free electrons inside a solid, we have modified the geometry of the solid so that de Broglie waves interfere destructively inside the solid. Quantum interference of de Broglie waves leads to a reduction in the density of possible quantum states of electrons inside the solid and increases the Fermi energy level. This effect was studied theoretically within the limit of the quantum theory of free electrons inside the metal. It has been shown that if a metal surface is modified with patterned indents, the Fermi energy level will increase and consequently the electron work function will decrease. This effect was studied experimentally in both Au and SiO_2 thin films of special geometry and structure. Work function reductions of 0.5 in Au films and 0.2 eV in SiO_2 films were observed. Comparative measurements of work function were made using the Kelvin Probe method based on compensation of internal contact potential difference. Electron emission from the same thin films was studied by two independent research groups using Photoelectron Emission Microscopy (PEEM).

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