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The effect of water on the stability of C60 fullerene nanowhiskers

Miyazawa, Kun’ichi and Hotta, Kayoko (2011) The effect of water on the stability of C60 fullerene nanowhiskers. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 13 (11). pp. 5739-5747.

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The morphology of C60 precipitates synthesized by using isopropyl alcohol (IPA) added with water was investigated in order to know the effect of water on the growth of C60 nanowhiskers (C60NWs) in C60–toluene–IPA solution systems. The stability of C60NWs decreased and granular crystals of C60 were formed in the solutions when IPA added with an excess amount of water was used in the liquid–liquid interfacial precipitation method. The C60NWs were found to be destabilized with time in the solutions added with water. The C60NWs dried in air showed similar Raman profiles irrespective of the use of IPA with and without water addition. The Raman profiles of granular C60 single crystals showed the base lines much flatter than those of C60NWs, indicating that C60NWs possess a disordered crystal structure. By optimizing the growth condition, short C60NWs with aspect ratios ranging from 3 to 10 and an average length of about 1.8 μm were successfully fabricated. The short C60NWs are expected to be applicable for electrodes of organic thick film solar cells.

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