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Synthesis of uniform quasi-octahedral CeO2 mesocrystals via a surfactant-free route

Wang, Xiaodi and Ma, Ying and Sugunan, Abhilash and Qin, Jian and Toprak, Muhammet S. and Zhu, Bin and Muhammed, Mamoun (2011) Synthesis of uniform quasi-octahedral CeO2 mesocrystals via a surfactant-free route. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 13 (11). pp. 5879-5885.

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A facile surfactant-free nonaqueous method is presented to prepare uniform quasi-octahedral ceria, CeO2, mesocrystals, in which only Ce(NO3)3 and octanol were used as the reactants at a reaction temperature of 150 °C. CeO2 sample synthesized using this technique consists of well-dispersed quasi-octahedrons and exhibits an uniform size and morphology. Based on structural characterization, it is proposed that the CeO2 mesostructure was formed by self-assembly of primary nanocrystals based on unique 3D oriented-attachment mechanism. Optical characterization exhibited a strong quantum confinement, revealing small size of primary nanocrystals. The thermal stability and UV–Vis study reveal CeO2 mesocrystal has various potential for high temperature applications and optical apparatus applications.

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