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Synthesis, characterization, and controlled aggregation of biotemplated polystyrene nanodisks

Tekobo, Samuel and Richter, Andrew G. and Dergunov, Sergey A. and Pingali, Sai Venkatesh and Urban, Volker S. and Yan, Bing and Pinkhassik, Eugene (2011) Synthesis, characterization, and controlled aggregation of biotemplated polystyrene nanodisks. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 13 (12). pp. 6427-6437.

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Cross-linked polystyrene nanodisks were prepared by controlled polymerization of styrene and divinylbenzene in the interior of bicelles, discoidal lipid aggregates. Aggregation behavior of polymer nanodisks was studied in water, organic solvents, and solid phase. Nanodisks form stable dispersions in aqueous solutions of surfactants, such as sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS). Varying SDS/nanodisk ratio allowed us to control the size of nanodisk aggregates. Nanodisks are readily solubilized in nonpolar organic solvents, such as toluene and carbon tetrachloride, to yield stable monodisperse suspensions. These findings open opportunities for creating nanodisk-based nanocomposite materials. Stable nanodisk suspension in toluene enabled small angle neutron scattering (SANS) measurements. SANS data confirmed the nanodisk diameter and allowed accurate measurement of nanodisk thickness (19.5 ± 1.0 Å). In solid phase, nanodisks aggregate in sub-micron platelets.

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