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Sensor and microelectronic elements based on nanoscale granular systems

Nepijko, S. A. and Kutnyakhov, D. and Protsenko, S. I. and Odnodvorets, L. V. and Schönhense, G. (2011) Sensor and microelectronic elements based on nanoscale granular systems. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 13 (12). pp. 6263-6281.

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Specific effects observed in small metal particles due to their distinction from bulk material as well as phenomena inherent to an ensemble of these particles coupled by electron tunneling have attracted considerable attention to nanosized systems. Electron and photon emission was revealed as a power was fed into the metal nanoparticle films deposited on insulating substrates either by passage of an electrical current in the film plane or by laser irradiation in the infrared and visible range. The electrical conductivity of metal nanoparticle films close to the percolation threshold is sensitive to temperature, substrate bending and adsorption of various gases. Besides, the current–voltage characteristics of the conduction current of a system consisting of a metal nanoparticle film and an adsorbate exhibit a voltage-controlled negative resistance region. These peculiar properties enable nanosized particle systems to be used for various applications. The present review deals with a variety of sensors for physical properties and microelectronics elements based on nanoparticle films. The mechanisms underlying the special properties are discussed. Some technological methods ensuring better parameter definition and long-term stability of sensors are also described.

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