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One-pot synthesis of gold nanoparticles using tetradentate porphyrins

Canitez, Fatma K. and Yavuz, Mustafa S. and Ozturk, Ramazan (2011) One-pot synthesis of gold nanoparticles using tetradentate porphyrins. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 13 (12). pp. 7219-7228.

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In this study, the meso-tetra (p-hydroxyphenyl) porphyrin and meso-tetra (m-hydroxyphenyl) porphyrin were coated on to gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) via thioacetate anchors which easily dissociate to form S–Au bonds. 4-tert-butyl phenyl thioacetate-AuNPs were prepared and used as a monodentate passivant to control the size of the tetradentate porphyrin-AuNPs. The porphyrin-coated AuNPs were characterized by UV–Vis, TEM, XRD, and XPS analyses. The tetradentate porphyrin-AuNPs size is within a range of 5–15 nm in diameter with exotic shapes. The plausible network formation for AuNP@ p -TPP-SAc and the capping structure of the AuNP@ m-TPP-SAc have been suggested.

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