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Fullerene nanowhiskers and related fullerene nanomaterials

Miyazawa, K and Kato, R and Saito, K and Kizuka, T and Mashino, T and Nakamura, S (2009) Fullerene nanowhiskers and related fullerene nanomaterials. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 159 (1). 012007.

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Since the discovery of C 60 nanowhiskers in a colloidal solution of PZT in 2001, various low-dimensional fullerene nanomaterials such as fullerene nanotubes and fullerene nanosheets have been synthesized by the liquid-liquid interfacial precipitation method (LLIP method) as well as the C 60 and C 70 nanowhiskers. The LLIP method is an excellent process to synthesize the quasi one-dimensional fullerene nanomaterials. This paper first reviews the typical fullerene nano and micro materials that have been prepared by the LLIP method and then show that the LLIP method is also applicable to the synthesis of composite C 60 nano and micro whiskers containing wide compositions of C 60 derivative molecules.

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