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Guiding of Argon ions through PET nano capillary foils

Kreller, M and Zschornack, G and Kentsch, U (2009) Guiding of Argon ions through PET nano capillary foils. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 163 (1). 012090.

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The transmission of charge state separated slow ions through nano capillaries with an aspect ratio of 1/100 in insulating polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polymers was investigated on argon ions with different charge states from Ar 3+ up to Ar 12+ . The experiments were performed with a beam line featuring an ion deceleration system. With it the ion guiding of projectiles of different kinetic energies ranging from 600eV up to 9.6 keV has been studied. The guiding power as well as the divergence angle of the transmitted ion beam have been investigated in dependence on the initial ion charge state and the ion energy. A scaling of the profile width tan σ ##IMG## [] phi ≈ √ q at a constant ion energy was found. Furthermore, the guiding angle was measured as independent on the ion charge state at an ion energy scaling with the ion charge state.

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