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Material scientific approach to predict nano materials risk of adverse health effects

Matsui, Yasuto and Miyaoi, Kenichi and Hayashi, Takeshi and Yamaguchi, Yukio (2009) Material scientific approach to predict nano materials risk of adverse health effects. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 170 (1). 012030.

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To estimate the potential risk of nano materials, correlations were investigated between material properties and various biomarkers indicating adverse effects on humans. Nano materials have a variety of properties such as solubility, iso-electric point, crystal shape, BET specific surface area and so on. The purpose of our work was to predict relationships between material properties and hazard data by undertaking statistical survey of eleven papers arguing cell viability assays. The reviewed papers associate cytotoxicity (i) mainly with particle volume and (ii) a certain degree with particle solubility, with relatively large variability of toxicological responses. At present nanomaterials are often very broadly named, defined and categorized based upon only their chief chemical composition or product shape – e.g. , "titanium," "carbon black," "nano tubes," etc. Such rough, imprecise categorization serves little or no useful purpose when attempting risk assessments for every nano material produced differently, since even materials with the same name can possess different properties and consequently different degrees of hazards.

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