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Micro-rheology on (polymer-grafted) colloids using optical tweezers

Gutsche, C and Elmahdy, M M and Kegler, K and Semenov, I and Stangner, T and Otto, O and Ueberschär, O and Keyser, U F and Krueger, M and MRauscher, and Weeber, R and Harting, J and Kim, Y W and Lobaskin, V and Netz, R R and Kremer, F (2011) Micro-rheology on (polymer-grafted) colloids using optical tweezers. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 23 (18). p. 184114.

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Optical tweezers are experimental tools with extraordinary resolution in positioning (± 1 nm) a micron-sized colloid and in the measurement of forces (± 50 fN) acting on it—without any mechanical contact. This enables one to carry out a multitude of novel experiments in nano- and microfluidics, of which the following will be presented in this review: (i) forces within single pairs of colloids in media of varying concentration and valency of the surrounding ionic solution, (ii) measurements of the electrophoretic mobility of single colloids in different solvents (concentration, valency of the ionic solution and pH), (iii) similar experiments as in (i) with DNA-grafted colloids, (iv) the nonlinear response of single DNA-grafted colloids in shear flow and (v) the drag force on single colloids pulled through a polymer solution. The experiments will be described in detail and their analysis discussed.

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