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Vortex-like state observed in ferromagnetic contacts

Yanson, I K and Naidyuk, Yu G and Fisun, V V and Balkashin, O P and Triputen, L Yu and Konovalenko, A and Korenivski, V (2010) Vortex-like state observed in ferromagnetic contacts. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 200 (5). 052033.

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Point-contacts (PC) offer a simple way to create high current densities, 10 9 A/cm 2 and beyond, without substantial Joule heating. We have shown recently (Nano Letters, 7 (2007) 927) that conductivity of nanosized PCs between a normal and ferromagnetic metals exhibits bi-stable hysteretic states versus both bias current and external magnetic field – the effect typical for spin-valve structures. Here we report that apart from the bi-stable state a third intermediate-resistance state is occasionally observed. We interpret this state as due to a spin-vortex in the PC, nucleated either by Oersted field of the bias current and/or by the circular geometry of PC. The observed three-level-states in the PC conductivity testify that the interface spins are both weakly coupled to the spins in the bulk and have depressed exchange interaction within the surface layer.

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