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Study of high-order harmonic generation from nanoparticles

Singhal, H and Ganeev, R A and Naik, P A and Srivastava, A K and Singh, A and Chari, R and Khan, R A and Chakera, J A and Gupta, P D (2010) Study of high-order harmonic generation from nanoparticles. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 43 (2). 025603.

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An experimental study on high-order harmonic generation from the interaction of 45 fs Ti:sapphire laser pulses with preformed plasma plumes of metal nanoparticles was carried out. Highly efficient harmonic generation in the range of 9th order to 19th order was observed for Ag nanoparticles. The stability of harmonic generation was enhanced by utilizing special target fabrication techniques and through optimizing the conditions of plasma plume formation. Broadband harmonic generation was observed through the optimization of femtosecond laser intensity and through the use of spectrally broadened laser pulses. The harmonic generation was compared for various target materials (nano and bulk) and for Ag nanoparticle targets prepared from different fabrication techniques. Efficient generation of even- and odd-order harmonics was observed through the use of two-colour pulses. The observations can be explained qualitatively from symmetry breaking of high-order harmonic generation through the introduction of second harmonic pulses. The spectral broadening and shift of harmonic radiation can be understood from the self-modulation of the laser and harmonic radiation in the plasma.

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