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Improved accuracy in nano beam electron diffraction

Béché, A and Clément, L and Rouvière, J-L (2010) Improved accuracy in nano beam electron diffraction. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 209 (1). 012063.

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Nano beam electron diffraction (NBD or NBED) is applied on a well controlled sample in order to evaluate the limit of the technique to measure strain. Measurements are realised on a 27nm thick Si 0.7 Ge 0.3 layer embedded in a silicon matrix, with a TITAN microscope working at 300kV. Using a standard condenser aperture of 50μm, a probe size diameter of 2.7 nm is obtained and a strain accuracy of 6×10 −4 (mean root square, rms) is achieved. NBED patterns are acquired along a [110] direction and the bidimensionnal strain in the (110) plane is measured. Finite element simulations are carried out to check experimental results and reveal that strain relaxation and probe averaging in a 170nm thick TEM lamella reduces strain by 15%.

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