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Stability of mechanically alloyed vacancy ordered phase in Al 70 Cu 15 Ni 15 alloy during annealing

Yadav, Thakur Prasad and Mukhopadhyay, Nilay Krishna and Tiwari, Radhey Shyam and Srivastava, Onkar Nath (2010) Stability of mechanically alloyed vacancy ordered phase in Al 70 Cu 15 Ni 15 alloy during annealing. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 226 (1). 012033.

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A nano τ 3 vacancy-ordered phase in the Al-Cu-Ni alloy system has been synthesized with a composition close to Al 70 Cu 15 Ni 15 by mechanical alloying a mixture of elemental powder in a high-energy ball mill by varying milling time from 10 to 100 hours. The stability of nano-crystalline τ 3 vacancy-ordered phase has been studied under thermal annealing in vacuum as well as in air. The x-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy techniques were employed for characterization of the milled and annealed samples. The powder after 100 h of milling was found to contain mostly nano τ 3 phase with the partial ordering, and with crystallite sizes in the range of 10-20 nm along with a lattice strain of ~0.67 %. The milled powder, after annealing in vacuum at 700 °C for 60 h, revealed the formation of a strain-free and ordered τ 3 phase with a crystallite size of 80 nm, indicating grain coarsening. It is interesting to note that the milled powder annealed in air at 700 °C for 60 h showed the formation of (Cu,Ni)Al 2 O 4 type spinel phase with the lattice parameter of 8.1 Å and the lattice strain as 0.52 %. The average grain size of spinel phase was found to be ~ 40 nm.

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