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Formation and Acceleration of Nano Dust in the Inner Heliosphere

Czechowski, A. and Mann, I. (2010) Formation and Acceleration of Nano Dust in the Inner Heliosphere. The Astrophysical Journal, 714 (1). p. 89.

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We study the dynamics of nano dust grains in the region inward from 1 AU. Assuming that the grains are created with the velocities close to Keplerian, we find that, despite the strong coupling to magnetic field, there is a population of trapped nano grains within about 0.2 AU from the Sun. The nano dust grains produced outside of the trapped region are accelerated to high velocities, of the order of 300 km s –1 , provided that the charge to mass ratio is not much less than 10 –5 e / m p . These values correspond to dust sizes equal or smaller than approximately 10 nm.

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