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Doping of Tin-oxides pinning centers into YBCO films by MOD method

Teranishi, R and Miyanaga, Y and Yamada, K and Mori, N and Mukaida, M and Inoue, M and Kiss, T and Miura, M and Yoshizumi, M and Izumi, T and MNamba, and Awaji, S and Watanabe, K (2010) Doping of Tin-oxides pinning centers into YBCO films by MOD method. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 234 (2). 022039.

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Tin-oxides were doped into YBCO films as pinning centers to improve J c properties in a magnetic field. YBCO films were grown by a metal organic deposition process using tri-fluoroacetates starting solutions which contains tin compounds such as SnO 2 particles or tin-acetylacetonate salts for pinning centers. J c of the YBCO films were enhanced by introducing pinning centers both SnO 2 and tin-acetylacetonates in the wide range of the magnetic angle. Especially, J c of YBCO film grown by the solution with tin-acetylacetnates increased in all magnetic field angles. XRD analysis and TEM observation revealed the existence of BaSnO 3 particles with the size of about 30 nm in the YBCO film grown by the solution with tin-acetylacetnates. The BaSnO 3 nano particles were distributed randomly in the film and were considered to act as 3-dimentional pinning centers.

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