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Special section on Computational Fluid Dynamics—in memory of Professor Kunio Kuwahara

Ishii, Katsuya (2011) Special section on Computational Fluid Dynamics—in memory of Professor Kunio Kuwahara. Fluid Dynamics Research, 43 (4). 041001.

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This issue includes a special section on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in memory of the late Professor Kunio Kuwahara, who passed away on 15 September 2008, at the age of 66. In this special section, five articles are included that are based on the lectures and discussions at `The 7th International Nobeyama Workshop on CFD: To the Memory of Professor Kuwahara' held in Tokyo on 23 and 24 September 2009. Professor Kuwahara started his research in fluid dynamics under Professor Imai at the University of Tokyo. His first paper was published in 1969 with the title 'Steady Viscous Flow within Circular Boundary', with Professor Imai. In this paper, he combined theoretical and numerical methods in fluid dynamics. Since that time, he made significant and seminal contributions to computational fluid dynamics. He undertook pioneering numerical studies on the vortex method in 1970s. From then to the early nineties, he developed numerical analyses on a variety of three-dimensional unsteady phenomena of incompressible and compressible fluid flows and/or complex fluid flows using his own supercomputers with academic and industrial co-workers and members of his private research institute, ICFD in Tokyo. In addition, a number of senior and young researchers of fluid mechanics around the world were invited to ICFD and the Nobeyama workshops, which were held near his villa, and they intensively discussed new frontier problems of fluid physics and fluid engineering at Professor Kuwahara's kind hospitality. At the memorial Nobeyama workshop held in 2009, 24 overseas speakers presented their papers, including the talks of Dr J P Boris (Naval Research Laboratory), Dr E S Oran (Naval Research Laboratory), Professor Z J Wang (Iowa State University), Dr M Meinke (RWTH Aachen), Professor K Ghia (University of Cincinnati), Professor U Ghia (University of Cincinnati), Professor F Hussain (University of Houston), Professor M Farge (École Normale Superieure), Professor J Y Yong (National Taiwan University), and Professor H S Kwak (Kumoh National Institute of Technology). For his contributions to CFD, Professor Kuwahara received Awards from the Japan Society of Automobile Engineers and the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1992, the Computational Mechanics Achievement Award from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1993, and the Max Planck Research Award in 1993. He received the Computational Mechanics Award from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers again in 2008. Professor Kuwahara also supported the development of the Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics, whose office is located in the same building as ICFD. In the proceedings of the 6th International Nobeyama Workshop on CFD to commemorate the 60th birthday of Professor Kuwahara, Professor Jae Min Hyun of KAIST wrote 'The major professional achievement of Professor Kuwahara may be compressed into two main categories. First and foremost, Professor Kuwahara will long be recorded as the front-line pioneer in using numerical computations to tackle complex problems in fluid mechanics. ...Another important contribution of Professor Kuwahara was in the training and fostering of talented manpower of computational mechanics research.'[1] Among the various topics of the five papers in this special section are examples of Professor Kuwahara's works mentioned by Professor Hyun. The main authors of all papers have grown up in the research circle of Professor Kuwahara. All the papers demostrate the challenge of new aspects of computational fluid dynamics; a new numerical method for compressible flows, thermo-acoustic flows of helium gas in a small tube, electro-osmic flows in a micro/nano channel, MHD flows over a wavy disk, and a new extraction method of multi-object aircraft design rules. Last but not least, this special section is cordially dedicated to the late Professor Kuwahara and his family. Reference [1] Hyun J M 2005 Preface of New Developments in Computational Fluid Dynamics vol 90 Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design ed K Fujii et al (Berlin: Springer)

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