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“Artificial micro organs” — a microfluidic device for dielectrophoretic assembly of liver sinusoids

Schütte, Julia and Hagmeyer, Britta and Holzner, Felix and Kubon, Massimo and Werner, Simon and Freudigmann, Christian and Benz, Karin and Böttger, Jan and Gebhardt, Rolf and Becker, Holger and Stelzle, Martin (2011) “Artificial micro organs” — a microfluidic device for dielectrophoretic assembly of liver sinusoids. BIOMEDICAL MICRODEVICES, 13 (3). pp. 493-501. ISSN 1387-2176 (Print) 1572-8781 (Online)

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In order to study possible toxic side effects of potential drug compounds in vitro a reliable test system is needed. Predicting liver toxicity presents a major challenge of particular importance as liver cells grown in a cell culture suffer from a rapid loss of their liver specific functions. Therefore we are developing a new microfluidic test system for liver toxicity. This test system is based on an organ-like liver 3D co-culture of hepatocytes and endothelial cells. We devised a microfluidic chip featuring cell culture chambers with integrated electrodes for the assembly of liver sinusoids by dielectrophoresis. Fluid channels enable an organ-like perfusion with culture media and test compounds. Different chamber designs were studied and optimized with regard to dielectrophoretic force distribution, hydrodynamic flow profile, and cell trapping rate using numeric simulations. Based on simulation results a microchip was injection-moulded from COP. This chip allowed the assembly of viable hepatocytes and endothelial cells in a sinusoid-like fashion.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Dielectrophoresis – Multiphysics simulations – Liver sinusoid – 3D co-culture – Micro-fluidics
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