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Structural characteristics and photoluminescence of Pb(1-ˆ’x)Cd(x)Se(x=0-€“0.20) layers

Chesnokova, D.B. and Moshnikov, Vyacheslav A. and Gamartsa, Andrei E. and Maraeva, Eugenuya V. and Aleksandrova, Olga A. and Kuznetsov, Vladimir V. (2010) Structural characteristics and photoluminescence of Pb(1-ˆ’x)Cd(x)Se(x=0-€“0.20) layers. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 356 (37-40). pp. 2010-2014.

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Nanostructured layers of supersaturated Pb1 − xCdxSe (х = 0–0.20) alloys with efficient photoluminescence in the wavelength range of 3–5 μm at room temperature are reported. The influence of the thermodynamic and kinetic conditions of the layers deposition on their chemical and phase properties is under discussion. It is shown that thermal annealing in an oxygen atmosphere with an addition of iodine results in the formation of nanosized grains of Pb1 − xCdxSe alloys completely recrystallized and heavily doped with oxygen. The spectral characteristics of photoluminescence and the main mechanisms of radiative recombination in activated layers of solid solutions are investigated. The crucial role of iodine in the formation of emitting nanostructures is discussed.

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