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Microelectromechanical Fuel Injector for Diesel Engines

Kostsov, E.G. and Sokolov, A.A. (2010) Microelectromechanical Fuel Injector for Diesel Engines. Journal of NANO and MICROSYSTEM TECHNIQUE (8).

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The investigation of the possibilities of effective electrostatic actuators construction, i. e. drives manufactured by microelectronic technique and fuel injectors for diesel engines. The operation of actuators with high specific energy, up 0.3—3 J/m2 is based on electromechanical energy conversion in nanoscale gaps (5—200 nm), separating the surface of moving electrode and the ferroelectric layer.The nozzles are able to bring fuel under high pressure over 100 MPa and for a short time, hundreds of microseconds or less. Compared to the modern piezoelectric injectors they have much smaller dimensions and weight, as well as they enable to reduce the time of injection. Keywords: diesel engines, fuel injectors, MEMS, electrostatic micromotor, high energy output, electromechanical energy conversion

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