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Rheological Systems for Microand Nanopositioning and Vibration Isolation

Bazinenkov, A.M. and Kusnetsov, A.S. and Mikhailov, V.P. and Shakov, K.G. and Sobov, I.K. (2010) Rheological Systems for Microand Nanopositioning and Vibration Isolation. Journal of NANO and MICROSYSTEM TECHNIQUE (7).

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The advanced precise equipment for electronic and engineering technology is usage multicoordinate mechatronic actuators for the ultra-precise positioning. The analysis, design and parameters of the new magnetic rheology (MR), electric rheology (ER) and magnetorheological elastomer actuators are presented. The combination of MR or ER loop control, elastic carriers and thin wall seals ensures small error of linear (≤ 100 nm) and angular (≤ 0,2 ang. sec) positioning, small time of response (≤ 200 ms), total linear travel on three coordinates X, Y, Z (1...10) mm and load capacity (1...1000) N. Keywords: positioning and vibration isolation systems, magneto- and electrorheological fluids and elastomers, viscosity

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