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Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Formation of Cluster of Catalyst for Carbon Nanotubes Growth

Basaev, А.S. and Boulyarsky, S.V. and Galperin, V.A. and Pavlov, A.A. (2010) Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Formation of Cluster of Catalyst for Carbon Nanotubes Growth. Journal of NANO and MICROSYSTEM TECHNIQUE (7).

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A deep understanding of the principles of carbon nanotubes formation as well as the creation of models of synthesis of CNTs, that determine their functional properties. Formation of clusters in the volume of the reactor and on the surface of the substrate is the initial stage of the synthesis of carbon nanotubes. We developed the thermodynamic of homogeneous and heterogeneous cluster's formation for CVD process with "flying" catalysts. Studied experimenta11y and theoretically the parameters of cluster formation, resulting from the pyrolysis of ferrocene. It is shown that the surface tension and the size of the clusters depend strongly on the temperature. The coefficients of surface tension, as well as the characteristic size of clusters have been calculated. These dependencies and parameters enable to recover the distribution function of cluster size, setting the temperature in the working zone and in the field of sublimation of ferrocene. This making possible to predict the size of the clusters, depending on the synthesis parameters, including temperature. Keywords: cluster formation, catalyst, CNT

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