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Lateral and Planar Bipolar Magnetotransistors

Tihonov, R.D. (2010) Lateral and Planar Bipolar Magnetotransistors. Journal of NANO and MICROSYSTEM TECHNIQUE (6).

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With the help of modern device-technological modeling the distributions of carriers of a charge, density of currents and recombination speed in two-collector lateral bipolar the magnetotransistor generated in a well at external connection of contacts to a substrate and to a well are investigated. The experimental research dual-collector lateral bipolar magnetotransistor with base in well, as sensor of weak magnetic fields is spent. The absolute sensitivity 900 V/T, voltage of noise in a working mode and resolution 5*10-10 Т is determined. Mechanisms of formation of sensitivity dual-collector lateral and planar bipolar magnetotransistors on the basis of change in a magnetic field of current lines of the injected charge carriers are considered. The analysis of distribution of a current in structures of devices gives the list of mechanisms of sensitivity and the recommendation about its increase at the expense of a choice of structure bipolar magnetotransistor. Keywords: bipolar magnetotransistor, current lines, galvanomagnetic effect

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