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Phase Transitions Model in Epitaxial Thin Ferroelectric Film on the Substrate

Pavlov, S.V. (2010) Phase Transitions Model in Epitaxial Thin Ferroelectric Film on the Substrate. Journal of NANO and MICROSYSTEM TECHNIQUE (3).

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The phenomenological model of phase transitions in thin films of a ferroelectric material with the account, both spatial inhomogeneous of polarization, and inhomogeneous of deformation, and also piezoelectric and electrostriction interactions of a film with a substrate is considered. Theoretical temperature dependences of spontaneous polarization, a polarizing profile and a heat capacity in a film, and also dependence of temperature of phase transition on a thickness of a film on a substrate are obtained. It is shown that theoretical dependences are in good agreement with experimental results for barium titanate thin films on a magnesium oxide substrate. Keywords: phenomenological model, a thin film, spontaneous polarization, a heat capacity, barium titanate

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