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About Burning of Micro- and Nanostructured Powders of Silicon

Basaev, А.S. and Kovaltvskii, A.A. and Labunov, V.A. and Saurov, A.N. (2009) About Burning of Micro- and Nanostructured Powders of Silicon. Journal of NANO and MICROSYSTEM TECHNIQUE (12).

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The dynamics of burning of micro- and nanostructured silicon powders with solid oxidizers — perchlorate of potassium (KClO4)and sulphur (S) is studied with the help of the high-speed videofilming. It is shown that the burning of such powders proceeds by some stages which are characterized by the flame temperature and by the characteristic period of time. It is shown that in both cases the process of burning is accompanied by the for­mation of specific spherical micro- particles — incandescent light-emitting microballs. The difference in the dy­namics of micro- and nanostructured powders burning is brought out. The conditions under which an explosion of microstractural powders is initiated are being found. In case of burning of nanostructured powders a charac­teristic mushroom-shaped structure of scattering products of burning was detected. By the mass-spectrographic measurements the products of burning of both powders types, i.e. oxides of all components forming the com­position of the initial powder mixture, are observed. Keywords: micro- and nanostructured powders of silicon, dynamics of burning, microexplosion.

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