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Peculiarities of Obtaining of Electrostrictive Ceramics for Nanopositioners

Eremkin, V.V. and Panich, A.A. and Shakh-Nazarian, N.A. and Shevtsova, S.I. and Smotrakov, V.G. (2009) Peculiarities of Obtaining of Electrostrictive Ceramics for Nanopositioners. Journal of NANO and MICROSYSTEM TECHNIQUE (10).

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It is explored the influence of mechanical activation of initial oxide intermixtures on a degree of dispersion of the synthesized powders and a microstructure of electrostrictive ceramics on the basis of lead magnesium niobate — lead titanate. It is shown, that diminution of the size of grain leads to reduction in dielectric permittivity, dimi­nution of longitudinal strain, growth of the dielectric and electromechanical hysteresis. Keywords: electrostriction, actuator, relaxor, ferroelectric, lead magnesium niobate, lead titanate, high energy milling.

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